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Taptouch POS+ vs Loyverse

Taptouch POS+ is born for connected POS and have multi advantages to Loyverse

  1. Taptouch is POS+ HW + SW bundle solution with local service. While Loyverse do not have local support team in Australia, only online support available but hard for most people to tell whether issue is cause by software or Android or POS.
  2. Free online shops comes with Taptouch POS+. This is important now and bring restaurant big advantage to other shops around you. Return customers can easily order online while new customers can find you on Facebook, Goolge and then, check the menu and price, put in order right away.
  3. Time management for each order. Build in time expectation system to manage customer expectation and improve efficiency.
  4. Integrated EFTPOS Payment Support. This is critical to busy shops to reduce key in errors, save time of checkout and improve customer experience, avoid omitted payment, easier reconciliation. We already support Tyro now. Linkly integration is done for accreditation now.
  5. Compatible to delivery platform. We have multi price system for delivery system like Uber or Menulog. Easy for shop to book all sales in one system and do analysis.
  6. The only interactive ordering system on the earth. Customer can touch and choose while staff are ordering.
  7. Much more powerful VIP program with credit rewards program. Different rewards rate for different customers. VIP upgrading program.
  8. In-store Advertising: With Taptouch Dual Display POS system, you can manage in-store advertising and raise average transaction for real-time promotion.
  9. Multi Discount Policy. Discount by price, free gift for high ATV. Different policy for online and offline to manage traffic.
  10. Tractable Coupon. Know the ROI of your marketing.
  11. Flex Voucher. Generate vouchure in realtime in flex value, Easy to redeem on POS.

And there are more like customer assets management and business intelligent featurs coming.

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