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POS System Selection Guide

Budget vs Features

Shop owner always face budget limitation for new device. But when you plan to upgrade your POS solution, please remember 2 key factor:

  • POS System is Operating System that you and your staffs will work on it everyday. A good efficient tools will save lots of time for both you and your staff. It’s should be much more important than your other system like Finance and HR.
  • POS System today is another sales to your customers. It should enhance the communication and service to your customers but not just for sales booking.
  • POS System today should cover both online and offline business since lots of traffic goes online today.
  • When calculating the cost, please think the total own cost of the system in the life cycle. You need to use the system for 3~5 years at least everyday, and you need service in the whole life cycle.

So features is the first thing you should consider, and then service in the life cycle, cost is important but should be last thing on the table.

Ivida Taptouch POS System advantage in budget:

  • Half price of traditional professional System. Just as new MAC system Ivida Android POS System use latest ARM flagship chipsets which deliver higher performance with only half price of traditional Wintel System
  • Complete product line form Entry to advance version
    • Entry Level: From AUD$399 and total package cost is under $1000 including onsite installation, software setup and free online shop.
    • Mainstream: Around $1600 package price with Dual Screen multi Touch POS and deployment.
    • High End: Around $2500 to $5000 for multi printer and multi device with Kiosk solution. Interactive order is the first one in the world with this features.
  • Finance leasing solution from 2~5 years with order over $2000. Which means that with no more than $100/month, you can have latest flagship solution.

What’s the best POS System for you?

What’s the best POS fit you?

  • 10.1″ Entry Level POS (iPAD size POS with professional interface like USB printer and scanner).
    • Small restaurant
    • Sole trader small shop
    • small grocery
    • Family owned beauty shop
    • Food truck
  • 15.6″ + 10.1″ Dual display POS ($1600 including deployment cost)
    • Most of restaurant
    • Most of retail shops
    • Most of small beauty and healthy shop (with less than 5 person)
  • Dual side Touch 15.6″ HD Display POS ($2500+)
    • Shop that need self Kiosk
    • High traffic shop
    • Shop that need instore advertising to customers

How many POS do you need?

Most shop just need one POS. Multi POS is needed only for:

  • Multi check out gate shop like grocery
  • High traffic quick service restaurant
  • Big service area restaurant

Interactive POS vs Kiosk?

Ivida is the first vendor in the world supply interactive POS which integrate advantage of both POS and Kiosk.

  • Interactive ordering mode to boost your sales with advertising in real time.
  • Satisfaction and product feedback in real time.
  • Kiosk mode in standby mode.
  • Staff instant help in issue of Kiosk mode.
  • One receipt printer and EFTPOS to save monthly cost of owner
  • Multi mode POS/Kiosk, save space in shop and cost of deployment.


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