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How do I setup shop and menu?

It’s very easy to setup your shop and menu before using the POS. You have 2 options to do that:

Buy Ivida Software Deployment Service and Ivida or our partner will help set it up for you.

  1. Buy Ivida Sofware deployment service, normally it will take $200.
  2. Fill form of on board with link below:
    1. Hospitality:
    2. Retail:
    3. Beauty and Service
  3. Fill the menu excel table and return to us.
  4. Share the photo of product and service with name (we’ll just use some photo to demo to you, customer can change the photo later on).

And then Ivida will issue an on board mail with username and password for you to log in the system.

After you got the mail:

  1. Open the POS and link it to internet (just as Android Phone).
  2. POS software will be downloaded and deployed automatically. Wait for the software deployed.
  3. Click Taptouch POS version that you need: Retail, Hospitality or Beauty
  4. Login and register open.
  5. Go to setting and setup:
    1. Printer:
    2. Tyro Payment if you use Tyro.

Setup up by your self (suggest for customer that have basic IT background)

Suggest Environment: Chrome or Safari Browser under PC, Mac or Chromebook.

Backoffice: go to backoffice.taptouch.net.

Step to setup:

  1. Basic setup guideline here:
    1. Retail:
    2. Hospitality
    3. Beauty
  2. Menu setup
  3. Other setup.
  4. Open POS Machine and then begin to use the system.
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