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Online Ordering

In 2020, the average daily internet using time between the ages of 16 to 64 in Australia is 6 hours 13 minutes. And this number is still growing by 10% year-on-year. And most customers will do some research online before going for dinner or buying something. Taptouch online ordering platform can help retail shops and restaurants to get more orders automatically. Traffic online is cheaper but not free, to get more orders online, here are 7 tips to optimize your Lifeintouch online shop.

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1. Make Sure all shop information of online shop is correct

(1) Your shop name, address and phone number in the back office will be used in your online shop. Make sure that you update it to your latest correct information.

(2) Slug is critical as your online shop, please use easy to remember and understand the abbreviated name of your shop. Once slug is fixed, your online address will be used everywhere including printing marketing collateral. This will be crawled by search engines, with time going, the cost of change will be huge.

(3) Open time in the Taptouch back office must be updated to reflect the latest status because online shops will be open and closed according to this setting. You will make your customer disappointed if they put in an order and find that your shop is closed.

2. Setup good shop cover photo and dish photo

(1) A good cover photo of your shop is just the face. A good cover photo will help to retain your customer to keep browsing in your but not jump out.

(2) Great product photography is essential to persuade customers to order. Research tells us that good product photos will help improve conversion rate over 30%.

Good photo is better than a normal photo and a normal photo is better than no photo.

Shop with Photo vs Shop w/o Photo

3. Interact with customers on Google, Facebook & Instagram while landing them on Taptouch Online System

(1) Google Map & Facebook Page are major pools for you to get your customers come. While Instagram is a basic platform to interact with your customers, maybe Tiktok is needed for some shops and customers. But make sure that you build a basic profile on Google, Facebook & Instagram so that your customer can find you and play there.

(2) Update latest news, product or promotion on Facebook/Google/Instagram. This will help your customer to get your latest information and share with their friends.

(3) Ask for review, customers trust other customers. And deal with negative reviews seriously.

(4) Important but some shop owners always underestimate it: DO NOT leave public platforms like delivery platforms there. Your Google/Facebook page is your private space, traffic here is private traffic, just direct customers to order. Link to the delivery platform ordering page looks like you direct a guest in your shop to go out to a plaza to ask an agency to order and you are sending your most valuable assets out of your shop.

4. QR-Code in Shop to push customers online

Download QR-Code, and label it as many places as you can so that customers can scan to order anywhere. Tables, Counter top, Glass of Windows or Door, Menu, DMs, Brochures.

5. Convert delivery platform customers to your own shop customers

Customers from the delivery platform order there because they need food or product from you but not the platform. Some of them may be open to take away or delivery. Put your receipt with Shop QR code to push them to order on your own ordering system and pick up. Then you can:

(1) Get their contact information and know their order history.

(2) Build the channel and encourage customers to go to your shop and make friends with them.

(3) Give them rewards for take away or dine in with discount or reward points.

6. Quick Response, Good Service and Interactive with your online Customers

Give your online customer better service, even better than offline customers because they will review you. Customer reviews can be seen by other customers and also weighted by search engines and social media.

7. Leverage Taptouch advantage tools to acquire & build your own customer base

More and more tools will be developed in the Taptouch POS system helping shops to win more customers both online and offline. Some example:

(1) Promo code and coupon to generate traceable coupons to get more new customers.

(2) Loyalty program to retain old customers.